Spotlight on... Canadian Youth Research

Spotlight on... Canadian Youth Research


Sous la direction de : Madeleine Gauthier, Diane Pacom

Collection: Regards sur la jeunesse du monde

Discipline: Sociologie

Parution: 10 décembre 2001

156 pages

Format papier: 20.00 $


In Canada, few studies have addressed the period of youth in its entirety, the word "youth" encompassing here the late teenage years and the transitions to adulthood. To make up for this absence, several sociologists have tried, each in their own way, to describe some of the richness of the work going on in both of our language communities – too often impermeable to each other.

The English-speaking contributors present longitudinal research on young people entering the job market in certain provinces. They also go over the definitions and approaches of studies on youth "at risk" and review research on young English Canadians.

On the other side, the French-speaking contributors put forward their portrayals of young people, outline the theoretical approaches that have inspired their work, and critique the positivist approach – a critique aimed not solely at work published in French.

The same volume is also available in French

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