Celebrating New France

Celebrating New France


Auteur : Alain Vinet

Discipline: Arts - beaux livres

Parution: 21 mai 2008

78 pages

Format papier: 19.95 $


An associate professor at Université Laval, Alain Vinet loves photography and has been devoting his spare time to it for over 30 years. Many of his pictures have  ­ appeared in Canadian and international magazines, on websites, and in tourist brochures, books, calendars, and corporate advertising. Some annually illustrate the official program and website of Québec City’s Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France.

This book is about these splendid festivities that he has assiduously attended with so much emotion. It draws on a collection of several hundred pictures he has accumulated down through the years and offers the personal vantage point of a photographer who loves his city, especially during these festive days when it is all decked out for long awaited visitors.

Livre papier

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