Introduction and Commentary to Plotinus’ Treatise 33 (II 9) Against the Gnostics and related studies


Auteur : Zeke Mazur

Éditeurs : Francis Lacroix, Jean-Marc Narbonne

Collection: Zêtêsis

Discipline: Philosophie

Parution: 8 février 2019

384 pages

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The book contains an achieved commentary of Plotinus' Treatise 33 (II 9) Against the Gnostic, elaborated by Zeke Mazur before he suddenly and tragically past away in 2016.


Plotinus’ Treatise 33 (II.9) , entitled Against the Gnostics , is one of the most fascinating and complex writings of the Roman Neoplatonic master, as well as one of the most polemical, as it is the sole treatise to openly side against a rival sect or school of thought.

We here present the reader with the full analysis of this exceptional treatise, in its original English, of Zeke Mazur (), one of the scholars most deeply versed in the connections between the Gnostics, most notably those identified as belonging to a subgroup of Platonising Sethians, and the first generation of Neoplatonists (i.e. Plotinus, Amelius, and Porphyry).

An abridged and simplified version of the English original, accompanied by a translation of
Treatise 33 (II.9) itself, will appear in 2018 in French in the Collection des Universités de France , alias the Collection Budé.

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