The Forges du Saint-Maurice. Beginnings of the Iron and Steel Industry in Canada (1730-1883)

Discipline: Sociologie
Parution: 25 septembre 1998
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This 480-page book culminates twenty years of multidisciplinary research on the history of Canada's first venture in the iron and steel industry. It contributes greatly to our understanding of Canada's most prestigious industrial heritage site: the Forges du Saint-Maurice.
From the very beginning, in 1730, the Forges took in the full range of production operations: prospecting for mineral deposits, preparing fuel, smelting iron ore, and producing manufactured goods. The French experts who established the Forges were able to draw upon a wide-ranging panoply of skills. They were the first to practise the applied sciences - whose diverse branches are today known as hydraulic, geological, mining, metallurgical, forest and civil engineering.
The Forges also formed the country's first industrial village. Initially, the ironmasters and metal workers came from France. English and Scottish tradesmen later joined this industrial community, which was held together by a solid tradition of handing down one's craft from father to son.
This volume offers a comprehensive look at all that has been pieced together about the Forges du Saint-Maurice. In a lively manner and with a careful eye to detail, it analyzes the ironworks' 150 years of history from all angles: geographical, physical, technical, economic and social.

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