Danigo! French Grammar Reorganised

Danigo! French Grammar Reorganised


Auteur : Ian H. Magedera

Discipline: Langues et linguistique

Parution: 19 août 2004

292 pages

Format papier: 35.00 $


A textbook and workbook for students and adult learners of French.

°This book avoids grammatical terminology as much as possible.

°This book reorganises French grammar in an entirely new way.

°This book teaches you French grammar through the structures of spoken English, structures you already know.

°This book has thousands of practice sentences and answers to anchor what you have learned.

°The grammar points are presented in quiz-style, encouraging you to find the answer

before telling you it.

°Every sentence in French has an English translation, so you always understand them.

°Students can use this book at home to help them with specific areas of difficulty.

Eliminating the particular basic errors that you make, is the first step to better grades.

°This book has a full index of grammatical terms in French and English so you can find

the point that you want quickly.

°The sentences are relevant and refer to relationships, friendships, family, work, leisure

and current affairs.

°The practice sentences have a unique explanations stage which offers you help

(if you need it) before you have to look at the answer.

°This book is part of the Liverpool Languages Programme and was supported

by a grant from the Teaching and Learning Fund in the University of Liverpool.

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